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The world is waiting for your unique message – and now it’s time to deliver it the right way.

The Author Platform Guru provides you with an all-in-one comprehensive – and proven – offering that will help you launch your book and generate sales in an easy, no risk manner. This incredible package includes everything you need, including a vibrant Internet presence that promotes your book and helps you build a wide, enthusiastic audience for it.

With comprehensive web and graphic design, social network community development, and pre- and post-launch support, your book launch is sure to be a success.

Want to know the secret to this results-oriented, kick-butt offering? The AuthorPlatform.Guru program is exclusive, limited to 15 authors per year, and comes with one flat fee per month.

Hurry, there are limited spots left and a queue will soon form.


~ Judy Nedry
Aaron is truly THE Author Platform Guru. With years of music business marketing and  web design experience under his belt, there’s no one better to help guide your book to a successful launch.
~ Judy Nedry- Author: Emma Golden Mysteries
Jackie Woodside
Aaron’s outstanding knowledge and skills have helped me establish a clear, effective visual identity for all of my marketing materials above and beyond my website. Simply put … WOW!
Jackie Woodside- Author: Calming the Chaos
Kathleen Messmer
Aaron has been our web guru for over a year and has been nothing less than spectacular! I would recommend him whole-heartedly without hesitation to anyone who asks and even to anyone who doesn’t. He’s THAT good!
Kathleen Messmer- Anvil Springs Entertainment
Mark David Gerson
After working with Aaron on two websites, I can attest to his knowledge, his creativity, his professionalism and his responsiveness. It has been a joy to work with him.
Mark David Gerson- The Q’ntana Movies
Author Platform Guru

“A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step.” Lao Tzu

THE most important step for your book launch is to build a strong, solid foundation – one that covers every area of book marketing, from A to Z. With years of marketing, web design, search optimization and social media marketing experience, we will build an author platform that is certain to launch your success.


Author Platform Guru

With hundreds of thousands of books published around the world yearly, one of the biggest challenges an author faces is the creation of a wide, broad and interested audience.

The Author Platform Guru has developed an aggressive social media approach with proven techniques that will get your name in front of those that matter most – the people that can’t wait to read your book.


Author Platform Guru

Book trailers, interviews, social media marketing, cover reveals, advance reviews … they’re all part of creating the buzz that leads to a satisfying – and successful book launch!

All of our preparation, however, has led to this particular moment in time … the actual release of your book! We have a strategy for building up to the release of your book and maximizing exposure for you and your book upon release. We will also help coordinate your release party, design flyers, posters, invitations and more!


Not Certain? …

I’ve created a brief author platform evaluation to help you decide where you are on your journey to becoming a successful – or even MORE successful – author.

I look forward to sending you the results.

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Giving Birth to Best-Sellers

What Is An Author Platform and Why Do I Need One?

If you’re a writer making the leap to becoming a published author or maybe a self-published author wanting to achieve greater success but don’t know what an author platform is and isn’t that exciting?

Having a strong author platform means you have both visibility and connection with your target audience. Many people mistakenly believe it refers to social media presence, but social media is just one of dozens of essential elements in an author platform. Cruise on over to our Author Platform page and you will see what my criteria are for the best author platforms. In the meantime, here is a short list of elements that an author platform includes.

  • Significant website traffic
  • A large blog following
  • A sizeable social media following
  • Wide-ranging exposure across many related websites
  • Regular event appearances and speaking engagements
  • Connections with acclaimed authors
  • Endorsements from A-list writers
  • Interviews with major media

The author platform has taken on an astoundingly important role when it comes to whether or not a writer will get a traditional publishing contract. For self-published authors who are serious about their writing careers and becoming successful – the author platform is an amazing tool.

While industry folks may argue that platform has always mattered, today it’s more important than ever before. A huge shift has transpired in the past decade when it comes to what agents and editors weigh when deciding what projects to represent or publish — and in some cases an author’s star quality matters more than their actual book.

  • Our Authors
  • Judy Nedry
  • Jackie Woodside
  • Abigail Aguilera
  • Michelle Lagos
  • Your Name Here

It is our unique privilege to include the following authors in the author platform program we offer.

Each of these authors have spent years developing their craft and hundreds of hours in self-promotion. By becoming part of The Guru’s family they have now freed themselves from the drudgery of marketing to focus on what they do best … writing. We’d love for YOU to become part of the family, too. CLICK HERE to get started today!

Author Judy Nedry has been teaming up with Aaron C. Yeagle since the release of her first book, An Unholy Alliance in 2007.  Now, on the cusp of launching her third book in the popular Emma Golden Mysteries series, Judy has added the entire range of services provided by the Author Platform Guru and has signed on with Guru Publishing to produce and distribute the audiobooks for all three Emma Golden novels.

It started with a dream that became a clear vision of “what” to deliver (inspirational teacher, dynamic speaker, best selling author) but no clear path and understanding as to “how.” Enter the Guru …

With Jackie’s passion and my design & marketing skills we began the adventure, created a website, marketing materials, and social media presence; followed by two publishing contracts and a full time speaking career.

Jackie has signed on with Guru Publishing to produce and distribute the audiobook for her forthcoming release of “Calming the Chaos.”

Once in a while, a book comes out that changes the way that we see ourselves and the world around us, that creates a significant impact, this book, written by Quantum Healer and Intuitive Abigail Aguilera, is definitely one of them. The wonderful and inspiring story about what it takes to overcome the pain that sometimes comes with being human, forgetting what you have been taught and remembering who you really are.

Michelle had been working on documenting her battle with bacterial meningitis soon after she left the hospital; each word physically challenging to write as the meningitis had affected much of her motor system resulting in partial paralysis and, on an emotional level, re-living such an experience is not always comforting.

Writing Get Back Up was another act of bravery like the actions and focus it took for her to keep her focus and battle through recovery.

You can be the very next author in this exclusive list of authors utilizing the expertise and power of The Author Platform Guru! Read more about the author platform HERE then go to the Get Started page and begin your journey toward success.